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My Bio 

I grew up in the southwestern Wisconsin town of Boscobel in a large family of 13 children—eight sisters and four brothers. My father was a nursery manager for the State of Wisconsin and my mother was a homemaker. I was passionate about math and science all throughout school. At the University of Minnesota, I completed a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering. In 1999, I joined Dow Chemical (now Dupont) as a project engineer. I continue to enjoy my career at Dupont in a variety of engineering and leadership roles. I have been fortunate to help lead a growing business and technology, giving me opportunities to travel to China and Saudi Arabia. 


Right out of college, I married my husband, Carey, and we have enjoyed more than 25 years of adventure. We are blessed with two amazing boys, Cody and Carson. Both are high school students, two years apart in age. Cody loves every sport out there, while Carson has an extreme passion for baseball. They are our world and super supportive of our cause.

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