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3D Mammography Legislative Resolution

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

10th Treatment

I’m pretty pumped about the feedback from the Paulsen Camp. The Legislative Director sent me a draft of the resolution that will require Health Care professionals to discuss 3D Mammograms with their patients. The proposal is crisp and concise, I didn’t have too many edits. Congressman Paulsen wants to take my story and the resolution proposal to the floor. I need to find out when and maybe I will just happen to be in Washington DC. Next up, I need to get started on the State Level. I’m a little behind on that one. My regular full time job has been insanely busy lately.

As far as my last several treatments have gone, my overall health and blood work results have been great. I’m now thinking it wasn’t Bruno after all, it was my sisters intervention with vitamins that improved my results. I’m planning to summarize this immune boosting vitamin regimen on my website,, if you are interested. It’s so nice not to be taking steroids and dealing with hyperactive aftermath. I did get a lot done though!!!

The Saturday after my 10th chemo treatment was a little taxing—I participated in a day long seminar on Breast Cancer at the Minneapolis Convention Center. It was a great seminar to learn more about the disease and on the latest research for advanced treatment. Ironically, my 2nd opinion oncologist from the University of Minnesota was a key note speaker at the event. I was able to discuss my cause and gave her a hat. She recommended that I reach out to a couple of radiologists she works with and offered to help with the initial connection.

I also met a woman on an Indian reservation in northern MN that is trying to educate her family and friends on breast cancer. She invited me to their health education fair next June to promote 3D. Great connections made on the day, especially with the advocacy opportunities that I will try to take advantage of in the future.

No other big highlights for the week other than my nose is quite painful and I don’t have nose hair anymore. I have a minor cold and man is my nose sensitive. I shouldn’t complain as many people have it a lot worse, but I really miss my nose hair. It’s funny to think you can actually miss your nose hair.

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