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Becoming routine - Just Herceptin

21st Treatment

My Herceptin treatment was uneventful which included a visit with my oncologist. We went through results over the last 6 weeks and recent blood work. Everything looks great and actually we started a conversation on the final four treatments. Can you believe it? It’s almost been a year since my diagnosis. What an action packed year! I don’t know how else to describe it, well there are other words but trying to keep it clean.

I also asked about my hair as it’s starting to grow back dark brown and super curly. He said that I really won’t know for about a year how it will end up, but for now it’s “baby hair” or new growth. It’s unmanageable and out of control, but it’s growing. If you don’t know who the woman is with Carey, it’s still me or someone who resembles me.

I’m close to having a booth at the “big dance” or Mother’s Day breast cancer walk at Southdale Mall in Edina MN . I’m planning to hand out magenta M&M’s, t-shirts, and hats to help spread the word. I will let you know once it’s confirmed so you can stop by if you plan to participate.

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