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Complete Stranger

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

9th Treatment

I had a nice long walk with my neighbor pals on Sunday night, which always helps me through treatments. On my way home, I ran into another neighbor. It turns out, she is well connected with Minnesota state lobbyists and is going to send me connections to start the resolution at the state level too. Great idea by Sonia, hit it both at the federal and state level. Get this thing going……

I was preparing for my 9th treatment on Thursday night and I received a Facebook reply that I will never forget. A woman I don’t know replied to the WeDemand3d page stating she just had her 1st 3D mammogram because of me. Wow, what an emotional moment. This is exactly what I’ve been working on, reaching out not only to friends and family but strangers or connections through others to “spread the word”. Awesome!

My 9th treatment was without steroids so I’m getting into a routine sleeping pattern. It’s great to be able to sleep consistently again. My blood work looked good and as soon as the Benadryl kicked in I was extremely sleepy. I needed a nap as the work week was crazy and I had a Justin Timberlake concert to go to on Friday night. Luck would have it, I fell asleep as soon as the chemo started and then woke up when the flush was done. I slept 2 hours, so I was ready to go. There were 6 of us going and of course I was wearing my magenta wig. My friend Steph and my sister April decided to wear magenta wigs and the new 3D mammogram shirts. It was great to have their support and a fantastic night. JT is an amazing performer.

10th treatment: resolution proposal written and BCEA seminar - more connections

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