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Hair Loss Begins

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

During the week, my hair loss continued especially after washing it. My hair loss was also accelerated by hot air blow drying, curling and combing. I decided to reduce my hair loss by going to cool air drying, no curling, much less combing and only washing my hair every other day. Man, do I have a lot of hair. I did pick up a wig the week before so I’m somewhat ready. It’s very strange watching your hair fall out, now I know how men feel. My husband continues with the complements and how beautiful I look, but he is full of crap.

The night before my treatment, I wrote an email to the Legislative Director telling him that Congressman Paulsen said to get a hold of him. Friday morning, I’m in an operations meeting and my phone displays Washington DC calling. Wow, am I excited, but can’t pick up as I’m in a meeting. I will need to call DC when I get to the infusion center.

I’m super late for my appointment as I misread my start time and my oncologist isn’t very happy with me. There is some good news, my blood results are much improved from last week. My sisters, Gretchen and Marcia, intervention from last week of vitamins, green tea, almonds, and everything else from a pharmacy seem to be working.

I start my treatment and then make the call to Washington DC. Andy, the Legislative Director, answers right away and we have a great conversation. He explains that a resolution proposal is probably the best path to push the 3D mammography issue. He goes on to describe what I need to provide for him to work on the proposal. He’s off next week (the Labor Day Holiday), but commits to working on it the week after Labor Day if I can get the information to him. I definitely have some work to do, but this will also help Ian with developing the We Demand 3D website.

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