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Final Chemo - Taxol - Woohoo!!

12th Treatment

I was very surprised at how emotional I was before my last Taxol Chemotherapy treatment. I thought I would be excited and happy to be done with chemo, but instead was very emotional and sad. I was overwhelmed with relief that I made it through without any hiccups, but kept crying every time I thought about it. When I saw my oncologist, he knew exactly how I felt. I asked him if I was crazy and he said most of his patients react this way, it’s very common. He said it’s the build up of the chemo over time that breaks down a person emotionally and physically. I was expecting a treatment break after this week, but he said I needed to continue the every 3rd week Herceptin treatment next Friday.

That news was a bummer. My oncologist gave me a big hug, which I needed, and sent me on to my last Taxol treatment. His nurse stopped by later and also told me I wasn’t crazy—most patients react this way. After the treatment, I went home and relaxed. The next day, I woke up and felt so much better—no more crying. Thank goodness.

I finally heard back from the American Cancer Society MN Strides for Life and they won’t allow my booth. I’m going to participate in the walk and then figure out what to go after next. I did place a call with Regina Barr - running for a state representative - to see if I can push the We Demand 3D cause at the state level. She did call me back to discuss next steps and left a message.

My sister Gretchen and I went to a spa on Sunday and it was absolutely wonderful. We both felt like noodles and I would highly recommend the heavenly half-day treatment package. Yes, this was my second visit in 2 months. Why not, you only live once.

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