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Firefly Sisterhood Mentor

7th Treatment

I cheated and went to the Bruno Mars concert on Tuesday. I’m not suppose to be in large crowds of people due to my low WBC and neutrophils. I just had to see Bruno and hang out with some fun people. I ended up wearing my magenta wig which was interesting to go out to dinner and a concert in a very colorful wig. I’ve never done that before. I was pretty nervous the rest of the week about my blood work as I stayed out fairly late and of course around thousands of people. I started a new regiment this week with the panel of vitamins that my sisters gave me so I’m hopeful that counters ii. Well it did! My WBC has been this good since week 3. Okay was it Bruno or the vitamins, I guess I will continue the regiment and see which one proves to be the answer.

My treatment was non-eventful and I asked about not taking steroids anymore. I haven’t had any allergic reactions, so they agreed I could reduce my dosage or go cold turkey. Hmmmm. I felt great the next day, so I went on a 3 mile run and it felt fantastic. Still losing my hair every day, but starting to adjust to being bald.

My Firefly Sisterhood mentor and I haven’t met in person yet and set a date to meet for breakfast on Sunday. Meeting her was so much fun, we ended up talking for 3.5 hours about everything. She is a great listener and had a ton a awesome advise. I’ve been struggling with bladder irritation from the chemo and she recommended concentrated cranberry tablets. Of course, it worked. What a great program FireFly Sisterhood is with pairing out survivors with new cancer patients to guide them through the journey. It’s great.

I’m getting anxious about not hearing back from the Paulsen Camp so this week I have to become a real pest. I really want to get going on this resolution.

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