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A serendipitous meeting with Congressman Paulsen

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

3rd Treatment...

I was reeling with excitement when I went to my treatment this afternoon. I forgot to eat before the treatment, so when Carey called to check-in, I was lectured about taking care of myself. He was stopping at Panera to grab me a salad and then stop by for company.

I was sitting by myself in the far corner of the infusion center. There were only 2 other patients in for treatment this day and it was already 3 PM on a Friday. I noticed a bunch of suits by one of the private rooms and thought they were probably doctors and interns doing rounds. I then notice one of the women in the group step away to approach me. She made her way over to me and politely asked if Congressman Paulsen could stop by and say “Hi”. My head whipped around and I said, “Are you kidding me?” She looked at me somewhat surprised and said that I didn’t have to talk to him. I energetically responded, “Absolutely, I want to talk to him.” He came over and we had a great conversation about my evolving cause on We demand 3D. He explained that he was on a Health Committee to reform healthcare and one of the areas of emphasis is preventative healthcare. He then gave me a contact in his organization, his Legislative Director, and told me to start with him. I couldn’t believe it. This is exactly what I had been previously thinking about. How do I get someone’s attention in Washington D.C. that could help push this issue? Here I am on a Friday afternoon at an infusion center and Congressman Paulsen happens to be visiting. Wow, divine intervention or Carol?

How exciting, I am 25% of the way through Taxol treatments, have a good start on the cause and get to meet up with my neighborhood friends for a long Friday afternoon walk.

We Demand 3D: Kicking off get the word out!!!! Thanks to Ian for providing the canopy and my neighbors for providing a table. My son Cody and I loaded up the truck (my husband’s pride and joy) with everything including the banners and postcards and departed for the Susan G. Komen walk in Minneapolis. We were met at the booth site by my sisters, Kathy, Gretchen and Marcia. We made quick work of the set up. The booth traffic was great and well received. This event reemphasized to me why I need to work hard on this cause. So many women aren’t being offered 3D or aren’t aware of it. The only negative experience on this day was the fact that my hair started falling out. Most everyone tells you that your hair starts to fall out around day 16 and they are spot on.

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