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Genetic Counseling

8th Treatment

On Wednesday, I went in for my genetic counseling appointment at MN Oncology. The counselor discussed the probability of my breast cancer being genetical caused. It came as an absolute surprise to me that most breast cancers are not due to genetic causes. I learned the majority of breast cancer cases are first timers in the family with no genetic link. That was an absolute shock to me as typically doctors won’t recommend 3D mammograms if there isn’t a family history. Why is that? My genetic results will be available in about 3 weeks. The other update I received from the counselor was that the Mayo Genetic trial will take up to 5 years and I may not receive results for up to 1 year. I should receive communications on the progress of the trial bi-annually.

My WBC was very good again this week and yes I went cold turkey on the steroids. It was nice to not get up at 2am to take the first dose and then not be hyper crazy at work. My co-workers appreciate it too. I had no allergic reactions again, so I shouldn’t have to take steroids for the rest of the taxol treatments. Woohoo, that’s a big one!

While I was at treatment, I heard back from Congressman Paulsen’s Legislative Director and he is working on the resolution proposal requiring healthcare providers to discuss 3D mammography with their patients. He’s been researching the 3D mammography technology and actually visited a manufacturing site. He indicated I would hear from him soon on the progress of the resolution proposal. This is very exciting!

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