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Handed out “We Demand 3D” t-shirts and hats to co-workers

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

11th Treatment

My cold has gotten a little worse this week and I don’t have my normal energy. I’m getting behind at home and on the “We Demand 3D” cause. Hopefully next week I can play catch up a bit. My blood work is still hanging in there despite my cold and the long work hours.

My coworkers celebrated my birthday by setting up a wonderful smorgasbord of healthy snacks. It was awesome. I had just received the hats so I handed out both t-shirts and hats at the event. Also, my “We Demand 3D” postcards are being revamped by Ian and should be ready in 2 weeks.

I have been trying to get a booth at the MNStrides for Life - Breast Cancer event on October 27th. I was absolutely shocked to receive an e-mail from the event compliance committee stating that I will probably not be approved because my story and cause promotes a particular service. Can you believe it? No wonder no one knows about 3D mammography technology. So, do I go rogue and set one up on the walking path or just walk at the event and hand out my cards? Hmmmm???

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