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Herceptin and Breast Cancer Walk

Updated: May 29, 2019

22nd & 23rd Treatment

There has been so much going on in the last 6 weeks with 2 Herceptin treatments and the Breast Cancer walk/fundraiser. As I mentioned last time, the treatments are routine now every 3 weeks and thankfully no side effects. I literally zoom in to MN Oncology, hook up through my port, pre-flush, 30 minutes of the Herceptin infusion, and then a final flush. I’ve got it down to about 1 hour. The lidocaine application prior to arriving at the infusion center is really paying off. It numbs the port area and I don’t feel a thing when they insert the needle.

It’s been 1 year since my initial diagnosis and surgery last May. I found out on July 3rd that I was HER2 receptor positive (sub-type) making my cancer type aggressive and launching the treatment plan into chemotherapy, radiation, and Herceptin. I will finish my 25th and final treatment on July 5th. Oh my what a journey.

Okay on to a positive topic, Wedemand3D cause….the booth on Mother’s Day went extremely well and I couldn’t have expected any better. So many people interested in the cause and their stories of their own diagnosis and journey was such an inspiration to continue this cause. I had several women explain how they were unaware of 3D mammography and/or that their insurance provider didn’t cover it. My sisters and friends helped at the booth handing out stickers, magenta m&m’s, t-shirts and hats. We had nothing left, so our goal was met. I can’t wait to randomly see a wedemand3D t-shirt or hat out in the Twin Cities some day.

I always get a lot of questions on how people can help. Well…I have a petition at to promote awareness of 3D mammography - tomosynthesis breast imaging technology and push for Congress to address the resolution. This week, I will be tagging a video to Facebook and my website to explain how you can help. I need your signature to meet an initial goal of 150 signatures to make it publicly viewable on the open petitions section of We the People. I then need 99,999 signatures for the White House to be forced to review the petition and provide an official respond. This should be easy....Please help!

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