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Herceptin and my 1st MRI mammogram since the diagnosis

20th Treatment

I went in for my 1st MRI mammogram ever and 1st mammogram since my breast cancer diagnosis last May. I was a bit nervous to say the least and was going through all kinds of thoughts about next steps if the worst happened. It’s a bit of an odd examination especially the body position during the imaging process but I made it through. Afterwards, the technician wished me luck when I was leaving the examination center. Of course, I read into that comment and drove myself crazy all week wondering if she knew something. Thankfully it was extremely busy at work and our family spring break was coming up, so two great distractions as I had to wait at least 2-3 days for results.

Friday morning’s appointment was my every 3 week routine Herceptin treatment and I was also going to check on the MRI mammogram results. I immediately asked the infusion nurse and she went right to my oncologist. She came back with a big smile and said I was going to be very happy. Both breasts were benign - clean of any detectable cancer. What a relief and I was going on vacation in 4 hours. Time to celebrate!

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