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Herceptin only ( January 18th, February 8th, and March 1st): Awesome blood work

17, 18, 19th Treatment

I’ve been just plugging away with my treatments after the first of the year. It was a bit of a hassle with the January treatment as our company changed insurance plans. Even though I’m in a treatment plan, I had quite the run around when I went in for my infusion. After an hour and a half wait to get my new insurance company to approve it, I was able to get in. My treatments have to be every 3 weeks and if you mess up the cycle, it’s a laborious re-start.

My February treatment was uneventful and actually I was quite surprised at my blood work. I’ve been very diligent about my vitamins every day with my Tamoxifen pill (this is for my Estrogen Receptor positive(ER+) sub-type) and it’s paying off. I have always been slightly anemic, but not now. All of my blood composition was normal and that hasn’t happened in my entire life. Oh and my family has been sick at least 3 times and I’ve made it though with nothing. It’s so great! I will post on what the vitamin plan consists of.

My March treatment also went extremely well. I had to travel to Delaware for work so I came back and went right to the infusion center for that round. I was due for my echocardiogram so I completed that exam and the technician unofficially told me everything looked great. He even commented that he could tell I worked out. I immediately told the boys that I was very athletic. They loved that comment, ha!

About the cause…. I set up a booth at Cody’s hockey game in January and handed out t-shirts and hats. It was great to talk to people about either their experiences with 3D technology or educate people on what’s available. In February, I received a call back from the former state representative I was starting to work with last Fall and she gave me contact information to try to restart the efforts. Now, I’m trying to find out if the committee was “picked” up and if they have a chairperson.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about how to keep this cause moving forward with some high energy so I decided to form a small committee. This morning, I met with my friend Nancy to develop a plan. It was great to bounce ideas off her and now there is a task list prioritized with a goal in mind. While some progress has been made so far, I think 2019 could be the year to make a big impact, let’s go…….

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