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Only Herceptin now!

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

13th Treatment

I did hear from US Congressman Paulsen's Camp this week—the 3D Mammography Proposal will be introduced to the US House Floor Committee shortly and I’m supposed to be scheduled to meet with him in the next couple weeks. I am a little concerned with the upcoming election day that I may not get a response until after November 6th. I sent a message to his scheduler with the hope of good news soon.

My Herceptin treatment was much better than the last 12. It was only 1.5 hours and includes a blood draw, set up and treatment. They also told me I would be done on July 5th, 2019—one month earlier than I was expecting. Yay! Yes, a huge party after that one. My treatment went quickly without any issues and I was on my way home.

I need to start planning echocardiogram check ups and radiation treatments next. Onward and upward.

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