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Start of Radiation and Herceptin

14th Treatment

Well, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks as I’m still seeing and feeling the effects of the Taxol chemotherapy. I was expecting an immediate change and finish recovery in a week or so. My oncologist just laughed at me and said yes I am crazy. Since my last treatment, I’ve lost a toe nail (another is dying), finger nails are all yellow, losing some eyelashes, lost more head hair (didn’t think that was possible), and started getting a mouth sore. He set me straight and said the recovery is as long as the treatment. Ugh!

I went in for my radiation mapping and came out with 2 tattoos. I didn’t realize you get tattoo’s to mark the starting positions for all of the measurements associated with radiation therapy. Measure twice on this project! Also, lots of moisturizing in the breast and underarm area as I work through the 20 treatments. Yes, 1 treatment a day for the next 20 days. I get a VIP parking pass and now that I’m mapped out, the treatment session is a total of 15 minutes. It’s very close to a drive thru service. So I started my first 2 radiation treatments this week along with continuing the Herceptin injections every 3 weeks and those injections are for the next 9 months.

I know I mentioned this before, but nose hairs are very important. I don’t have any and with a cold, it’s a disaster. I literally have to have tissue with me 100% of the time. A simple thing in life we take for granted until they are gone. Nose hairs, who would have thought!

I have been contacted by Fox 9 news and they would like to share my story along with my doctor and the congressman. Trying to organize this event could be challenging. Also, both my federal and state contacts didn’t get re-elected. I hope I’m not starting over. I will know more next week.

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